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About US

Idea Travel is a young destination management company. Together as a team we have over 35 years in creating uncommon journeys and experiences.
Travelling, exploring and holidaying is our passion and today we stand committed to developing new ideas, marketing them and operating them with excellence.
We hope to share a place that we know, with others who are open and eager to embark on journeys, which are exciting, new and unique.
Trust, transparency, integrity and honesty are our hall marks, each of these are non-negotiable.

Idea Travel specializes in inspired travel, which are uncommon journeys and experiences. Each of our tours are custom designed, with a balance mix of sight-seeing, travelling and cultural connections. Our team represents the land and knows not only the highways but the back roads as well. Attention to detail, which is personal, we believe is the key to an outstanding travel experience.

Accommodation comprises a significant part of any trip. To make your journey a memorable experience, the Idea Travel Team goes through great lengths to select hotels that are high quality, have great locations and excellent service. We chose luxury hotels as well as hotels which are unique and historic. In addition to lodges, villas, home stays and farmhouses, which are located in the most beautiful locations.

As the Director and Founder of Idea Travel, I am personally involved in making our customers journey, truly fulfilling and unique. Travel has been my passion for over a decade and I would very much like to share with you, a place I know.

We look forward to welcoming you to experience the diversity of Croatia and South Eastern Europe.

Jelena Kraljic