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Culinary & Wine

Dobar tek i Zivili – Bon Appetit & Cheers

When in Croatia, eat slowly. Savour food and wine, but also the company. Take time to chat between courses. Here, eating and drinking is a ritual of well being and when in Croatia – dobar tek.

Croatia is your door to the world of intricate, authentic tastes and flavours. Cooking classes, wine tasting, olive oil sampling, special meals are a lovely way of spicing up your travels.

We create experiences, centered around the culinary theme. All our programs have been personally tested and selected for their quality and authenticity.

From the golden Istrian Malvazija and the potent southern Plavac Mali reds. From Istrian truffles, lamb from Pag, wild mushrooms, peke (under the bell) and kulen sausage. Many of these flavours are simply not available anywhere else in the world.